DG or not DG 

this is what I look like.

For those who do not know me and for people who know me really well, but didn't know this bit, let me explain 'the DG Coutinho' thing, simply put, it is my pen name. It comes from an equal marriage of the initials of my name and a family name on my mum's side ( they are very Portuguese-Goan Catholic.)

I chose it as something to  separate the creative from the professional writing I have to do each day, because in that job I really am not allowed to make anything up.(contrary to some very popular opinion)

I am also a film editor, a trade union activist, a Liverpool fan and ferociously dyslexic.

 I have three children and partner who helpfully suggested that I should do this before I die.

I have been writing lots of words since I was quite quite small but it has taken me years to get it together and actually make books and other things people would want to read out of them.

please use this ( insert email address) to talk to me or ask me anything about my wrting