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For those who do not know me and for people who know me really well, but didn't know this bit, let me explain 'the DG Coutinho' thing, simply put, it is my pen name. It comes from an equal marriage of the initials of my real name and a family name on my mum's side ( they are very Portuguese-Goan Catholic.)

I chose it as something to  separate the creative from the professional writing I have to do each day, Mainly, because  in that job I really am not allowed to make anything up. legally. (contrary to some very popular opinion)

I am also a film editor, a trade union activist, a Liverpool fan and ferociously dyslexic. I find neither spiders nor right-wing politics even vaguely attractive.

 I have three children and partner, who helpfully suggested that I should do this before I die.

I have been writing lots of words since I was quite, quite small but it has taken me years to get it together and actually make books and other things out of them that other people may want to read.








Prodigal Honey is currently off limits while in competition as Iโ€™ve entered it for the CWIP prize which requires it remain unpublishedโ€ฆ


When I was small, I lost my voice, donโ€™t get me wrong, I could speak,

I just could not talk,

is the story of a girl who after Growing Up Psychologically Mute Allows Love To Bring Her Voice Back.Then when Old Memories Threaten To Render Her Silent Again she finds herself Forced To painfully Retrace The Cause Of Her Soundlessness.





"D G Coutinhoโ€™s writing is at the same time spare and lush, magical and based firmly in reality, psychologically true and physically accurate. She beautifully evokes the world as seen through the eyes of a child and then as an adult; one who has decided not to speak. In prose reminiscent of Jeanette Winterson at her best, she explores the multiple reasons why and how we tell each other (and ourselves) our stories."




I canโ€™t tell you how much I hate my boss. He  is the Darth Vader of youth work. Like a professionally registered anti- Christ or something. Everybody else thinks heโ€™s River Phoenix returned in social enterprise reincarnation

All Ezi wanted was a Friday night, a maybe a little dancing, definitely some drinking, but absolutely no bumping into the boss and being roped in to helping him chase around town after his daughter  just so he could restore familial order, no, definitely not that....




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some up and coming writing stuff

Little Martin 

Martin is an absolute 7 and  lives with his mummy called Helena. Helena now lives Clara, but she used to live with Martin's daddy who everybody called big Martin well everyone except Martin's uncle Tunde who called big Martin a fucking bastard 

This is a short story I am working on about negotiating divorce when you are only 7 years old and trying to understand why adults spend their entire time shouting

7 wishes

It is India, 1897. The British own everything, everything in India, that is and quite a lot more. Red maps indicate the boundaries of their possessions mashed together from what they have managed to grab with force, bad policy, disease and trickery.

This is a novel I am working on about death taking the day off to save a family from losing their children, only to be scuppered by their sister Mother Nature at every turn.





Prodigal Honey is entered into the Comedy Women In Print prize The Comedy Women In Print (CWIP) prize is an exciting new literary award created by Helen Lederer to bring female comedy writing the exposure and recognition it deserves.


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I am reading from Pages for the Commute at โ€œThatโ€™s What She Saidโ€ on the 27th February 2019 a night of spoken word entirely written and performed by women..